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About IRIS

We were born in Barcelona facing the world. Our inspiration and essence emanate from the Mediterranean. Since 1972, manufacturing kitchen gadgets, and since 2013, creating and innovating products to take your food away from home, designed in an original and functional way. Transforming the food carrier into a fashion item. We are Cristina and Yolanda Morales, second generation leading the IRIS project. In 2021 we have an even bigger challenge, together with all our great team: what if the most beautiful and functional thing is also the most sustainable? Because we believe in it, we are incorporating more natural materials, eliminating unnecessary packaging and trying to reduce and compensate our impact. Reuse is part of the DNA of our products, do you want to know more about our philosophy?

We work on the basis of 3 main axes

Healthy living

Green commintment


Healthy Living

How do we help people lead healthier lives?

Generating less waste

With the use of our products we avoid the use of plastic bags, PET bottles, aluminium foil, disposable cups...

Cooking at home

Our products help people to eat as if they were at home away from home, thus promoting a healthy and balanced diet.

Green commitment


All our products are designed so that in one way or another you don't have to use single-use or 'USE & THROW AWAY' packaging.


Our products help to curb food waste by making it easier to transport, store and preserve food and homemade meals.

Biodegradable materials

  • We are introducing materials with more natural components such as bamboo, cotton, wood, glass, etc.
  • We are gradually replacing normal bags with biodegradable ones in the event that they cannot be eliminated permanently.
  • We are replacing the navette or plastic handle from which our labels hang on the products and which is difficult to recycle, with thread.


We design our products taking into account every last detail, both aesthetic and functional, and always using top quality materials. Our creations not only look for practicality and functionality, but always respond to design.

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