1. Ownership of the domain www.IrisBarcelona.com.
  2. Aim and application.
  3. Information provided on the website.
  4. Intellectual property and patent rights.
  5. Legal responsibility of www.IrisBarcelona.com
  6. Obligations of customers and users.
  7. User’s personal data protection and privacy.
  8. Cookies.
  9. Shipping expenses.
  10. How to place the order.
  11. Products availability.
  12. Shipping.
  13. Payment.
  14. Withdrawal right.
  15. Product warranty.
  16. Reimbursement of the amount paid.
  17. Applicable legislation. Submission to law.
  18. Conditions promotional campaigns. The conditions listed here and related in the section: Conditions * (logistics, minimum order, free shipping ... etc.) Are valid for any campaign conducted in our ecommerce and promoted by influencers or other means.
  19. Conditions Club Iris

1. Ownership of the domain www.IrisBarcelona.com

In compliance with the Act 34/2002  on Internet Society and E-commerce Services (LSSICE), we inform you about the ownership of our virtual store, www.IrisBarcelona.com, is owned by Industrias Iris, S.A., society legally constituted in Spain with CIF A-08.356.545 and registered at the Companies House of Barcelona, H.27.369, F.219, T.2.579, L. 1.961, Sect.2ª, Insc.4ª (From now on IrisBarcelona.com)

2. Aim and application.

These General Conditions of Contracting and Use, have as aim to regulate the disposal of the information provided at the online shop www.IrisBarcelona.com, aswell as the commercial transactions arising from IrisBarcelona.com and the users of the domain www.IrisBarcelona.com.

The use of the online shop and the purchase of any of our products implies the acceptance as user, without any reservations, of each of the present general conditions of contracting and use. IrisBarcelona.com may modify the website to carry out convenient and necessary changes and modifications for  the appropiated functionality of the website, without any previous advice.

3. Information provided on the website.

We make all of our efforts to offer the information on this website truthful and without typographical mistakes. In case in any moment, some mistake of this kind may arise, not produced by the volunty of www.IrisBarcelona.com, will immediately be corrected. If there was any typographic mistake in any of the price shown and any client may have taken any purchase decision based on this mistake, we will communicate the error and the client will have the right to cancel the purchase without any extra cost.

It also  possible that the content of the website may show provisional information about some products. In case the information provided won’t match the charactheristics of the product, the client will have the right to cancel his purchase with no extra cost for him. IrisBarcelona.com won’t be responsible direct and indirectly of any of the informations, content, statements and expressions contained on the products sold on the website. The responsibility will go in every moment on the editors, manufacturers or providers  of the products. Every contractual information on the www.IrisBarcelona.com will be shown in Spanish (Castellano), and the communication with clients and users, and the formalization of the agreement will be carried out in this language.

4. Intellectual property and patent rights.

All content published on the store and specifically designs, texts, graphics, logotypes, icons, buttons, and  the software, commercial names, the brands or industrial designs and any other signs of industrial and commercial use are subject to intellectual property and patent rights of IrisBarcelona.com or third party owners allowing their inclusion on the website. In any case it will be understood that any licence will be conceded or either any relinquishment, transmission, total or partial cession of these rights carried out either any right and expectation right will be conceded, specially, the change, exploitation, distribution or public communication about the rights contained without previous and express approval from IrisBarcelona.com or from the corresponding responsibles.

5. Legal responsibility from IrisBarcelona.com

The products shown on the website are subject to the Spanish legislation. The legal responsibility from IrisBarcelona.com can’t be cited in case the products won’t meet the legislation requirements in the countries where the might be sent according to the client order. The clients from outside Spain are the responsibles of verifying the import or use of  the products bought.

The access to the website will be voluntary, and, consequently, the user’s responsibility, being responsible in all direct and indirect effect by the use of the website, including, in an expository and not limitative way, any economical result, technical and/or juridical adverse result, and the prospects fraud arised from our website, undertaking the user the obligation of maintaining IrisBarcelona.com uncathed for any complaint arised directly or indirectly from the events arised.

IrisBarcelona.com won’t be responsible of the damages that may arise from the interference, omissions, interruptions, computer virus, breakdowns and/or disconnection on the operational functioning of the electronical system or in machines and computer equipments of the users, arised from third parties and not from IrisBarcelona.com, hampering or delaying the service provision  or the shop surfing, either the delays or use jamming cause by faults or overcharge or the internet or in other eletronic systems, either the impossibility of providing a service or allow the access by causes not attributable to IrisBarcelona.com, causes by the user, or by third parties, or force majeure. IrisBarcelona.com doesn’t control, generally, the use that clients do of the website.

Particularly, IrisBarcelona.com won’t be responsible in any case from the use clients do according to the law, these General Conditions, the moral and good habits generally accepted and the public order, either they do it correctly and prudently.

6. Obligations of costumers and users.

Generally, the user is obliged to the performance of the present general conditions, aswell as to follow the advice and instructions of use contained on them or in the website and use them according to the law, the good habits and exigencies of the good faith, using the corresponding diligence, and not using the website in order to hamper, damage or deteriorate the good working, the goods or rights of IrisBarcelona.com, their providers, the rest of users or, generally, any other third party. The access and use from young persons without their parents approval is forbidden, IrisBarcelona won’t be responsible of the veracity and accuracy of the data filled by the user and consequently the age of the young person can’t be verified.

Concretely, and not entailing any restriction in the previous section during the use of the website www.IrisBarcelona.com the user is obliged to:

  1. Provide true information about the data asked in the registration form or in the placing order form, and keep them up to date.
  2. Not to fill, save or publish in or from the website, any information or material that might be slanderous, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic and that calling to violence or discrimination by means of race, sex, ideology, religion or attempting the moral, or public order, the main rights, the public freedom, the honour, the privacy or third party image, and in general the existing laws.
  3. Not to write, save or share any software, data, virus, code or any other electronic or phisic device on the website being capable of damaging it, in any of the services, devices, systems or network of IrisBarcelona.com, from any other user, from the providers of IrisBarcelona.com or in general from any third party.
  4. Save the “users’ name” and “password” provided by IrisBarcelona.com, being responsible by damages arised from an incorrect use of them.
  5. Not to practice any publicity activity or commercial exploitation throught the website, and not to use the content and information from it to share publicity, or send messages with other commercial aim, either to obtain or save personal data from third parties.
  6. Not to use false identities, either to impersonate the identity of other persons using the website or any other services from it, including the use of passwords or access data from third parties or from any other source.
  7. Not to delete, modify or use for oneself use, to make useless or damage the data, informations, software or electronic documents from IrisBarcelona.com, their providers or any third party.
  8. Not to insert, save, or share through the website store any content that breaks the intellectual property, patent rights or third party company secrets, neither any content no being owned, according to the law, the right to provide it to third parties.

The client engages himself to make possible the delivery of the order providing a delivery address where the order can be delivered in the normal timetable for merchandise delivery.

In case of failure of this obligation by the client, IrisBarcelona.com won’t be responsible of the delay or impossibility of delivery of the order placed by the client.

7. User’s personal data protection and privacy.

Industrias Iris S.A, , from now on the RESPONSIBLE, is the responsible for the personal data processing of the User and informs you  that this data will be processed according to the existing data protection laws, the act (UE) 2016/679 27 April 2016(GDPR) concerning the protection of individuals concerning the personal data processing and free movement of it; this is why the following information is provided and specifically the Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantee. You can find information on the processing of personal data in our Privacy Policy.

8. Cookies.

We inform you that to have a better experience of netsurfing, managing of your shopping cart, to offer your our customized suggestions, and inform you online about our offers for custumers or associates, our website uses cookies and IP storing. The cookie is a file that we set in your pc, and which aim is to simplify your netsurfing at www.IrisBarcelona.com (this cookie can’t have virus either be executed, as it is not an active file). The cookie can only be read by IrisBarcelona.com and by you, you can delete it if you wish, accessing to your browser options. For more information you can check the Cookies Policy.

9. Shipping expenses.

The shipping and/or managing expenses are not included on the price and will be shown to you before finishing your purchase, depending on the shipping address of each order IrisBarcelona.com preserves the right to modify the shipping expenses depending of the area or shipping country, and the right to decide which areas are excluded from the service of online shopping and shipping, according to the company decision. This way, IrisBarcelona.com preserves the right to offer or not the free shipping depending of its commercial and company criteria.

10. How to place the order.

To place an order you need to connect to www.IrisBarcelona.com, and register yourself as user, filling the online form appearing in each moment in the website of the online store and following the steps indicated. After the registry, and to access to the products shopping, you may add the product you want to buy to your shopping cart, according to the instructions given on the screen, filling these ones to complete the shopping form and validating it. The prices and offers on the website are exclusively valid for orders placed at www.IrisBarcelona.com. All prices published on our website are VAT included.

The validation of the order by the client means the knowledge and acceptance of these general contracting conditions as a part of the executions of the agreement. Unless proved the opposite, the data registered by IrisBarcelona is the prove of the transactions carried out between IrisBarcelona.com and its clients. IrisBarcelona.com will save the electronic document in which the agreement is formalized and this one will be accessible.

Once the purchase is finished and the sooner the possible, always before 24 hours after the shopping, the Client’s Service from IrisBarcelona will send you a purchase receipt by email. If you don’t agree with the data of the confirmation, you will be able to modify or cancel the agreement.

11. Products availability.

The products’ section offered at www.IrisBarcelona.com, is valid for the products shown on the website, considering the limit of the stock available. As it is online commerce, the stock is updated online, so it might happen, eventually, that while you are shopping the stock runs out, not allowing you, consequently, go on with the purchase you started.

The delivering dates will be carried out on working days -from Monday to Friday – because IrisBarcelona won’t make any dispatch on bank holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. The shipping dates indicated are for guidance. In case any break of stock or non availability of an article, IrisBarcelona.com will contact you to inform you immediately and give you a new shipping date, or in case it won’t be possible to ship your product, cancel the order. In any case, a delay on the delivery concerning the date indicated won’t allow the client to demand any indemnity.

12. Shipping terms and conditions.

Els productes s'envien a l'adreça d'enviament que ens hagis indicat en la comanda. En el cas de realitzar una comanda de diversos articles amb diferents disponibilitats, el termini per a l'expedició tindrà en compte el lliurament prevista més llarga. En casos excepcionals, IrisBarcelona.com es reservarà el dret a desglossar la comanda, enviant els articles disponibles i deixant pendent d'un segon enviament, els articles no disponibles. En aquest supòsit, el segon enviament es realitza sense cap cost addicional. Et proposem diferents maneres d'enviament per fer-te arribar la teva comanda de la manera més còmoda i adequada a les teves necessitats.

Lliurament a domicili: Per realitzar el transport i lliurament dels enviaments, hem triat a una empresa de missatgeria de reconegut prestigi. Per a les comandes expedits des dels nostres magatzems de dilluns a dijous, la missatgeria lliurarà en l'adreça indicada en 5-6 dies feiners (exclosa la setmana de tancament estival de l'empresa que és la setmana d'agost a la que coincideixi el dia 15 festiu) sempre que el servei no pugui realitzar-se en aquests termes per causes alienes al funcionament normal de la nostra empresa i de la de missatgeria. En el cas que el client detecta algun problema en el moment del lliurament de la seva comanda (embalatge espatllat, productes que faltaven o deteriorats) ha d'indicar per escrit a l'albarà de lliurament de transportista, i contactar per telèfon amb el centre d'atenció a l' client al telèfon 937293061 o al correu electrònic [email protected], dins dels 7 dies següents a la recepció. No s'admetrà cap devolució d'article danyat, així com reclamació d'article que falta, si no ha estat comunicat dins el termini establert. Tot això sense perjudici de el dret de garantia per als productes no conformes amb el contracte que assisteix a tot consumidor, d'acord amb la normativa vigent".

Industrias Iris, S.A no es farà càrrec d'enviar novament la comanda a el client si aquest excedeix els terminis i condicions de lliurament de l'empresa de missatgeria usada per a l'enviament. Si la comanda és finalment retornat al nostre magatzem, per causes alienes a la gestió d'Indústries Iris, S.A, es procedirà a la devolució de l'import de la comanda, excepte la quantitat abonada en concepte de transport.

13. Payment

IrisBarcelona.com et proposa el pagament a través de targeta de crèdit.

14. Withdrawal right.

If you are not satisfied, you can make a return of your shopping by contacting our client’s service, on the phone number 93729061 or on the email: atenció[email protected] or/and [email protected]*

The maximum period for requesting a return is 14 days after the reception of the order:

The return will be carried out the same way as the payment method of the purchase. 

This right is additional to the right of guarantee recognized in the RDL 1/2007 16th november about the defence of costumers and users.

The return caused by withdrawal won’t be possible by means of hygiene for the following products:

  • Products that might be in contact with food.

The causes that might cause a return are the following:

  1. If the product bought doesn’t meet your requirements: You can return it through a courier to IrisBarcelona.com. We will reimburse the amount of the product but not the shipping cost of return of the product neither the costs credited in the order.
  2. If you wish to make a change for another article, the costs of return and the new shipping won’t be paid by IrisBarcelona.com.
  3. Damaged product from departure: Without detriment and additionally to the right of guarantee, Iris Barcelona.com offers you the possibility of, on a period of 7 working days after its reception, you can ask for the replacement of the product by other identical, on perfect conditions. Once IrisBarcelona.com receives the damaged product, we will send you another. In this case the change will always be by the same article and reference. You will only be invoiced for the first shipment, and IrisBarcelona will be in charge of the transport costs of the return and new shipment.
  4. The product that by miskate, won’t match the one from the order: IrisBarcelona.com will be responsible of the expenses of picking up the wrong article and delivering product corresponding to the correct order.

For all the withdrawal suppositions, concerning the shipping and return expenses, the process will be carried out according to the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 and its additional acts.

At the virtual shop IrisBarcelona.com, the returns of products that have not been purchased at  IrisBarcelona.com won’t be admitted.

In every situation, the products might be in perfect conditions, its original packaging and with its user’s manual, accessories or promotional gifts, sometimes included.

15. How to place the order.

 To place an order you need to connect to www.IrisBarcelona.com, and fill the electronic form of each document appearing at the shop website and following the instructions given on it. To carry out your shopping, you must add  the product you want to your shopping cart, according to the instructions appearing on the screen, filling for this aim the form for the order and validate it.

The prices and offers on the website are exclusively valid for orders placed at www.IrisBarcelona.com, and might not coincide with the existing prices and offers in other shops where  Iris Barcelona products are distributed. All prices published on our website are VAT included.

The validation of the order by the client means the knowledge and acceptance of these general contracting conditions as a part of the executions of the agreement. Unless proved the opposite, the data registered by IrisBarcelona is the prove of the transactions carried out between IrisBarcelona.com and its clients. IrisBarcelona.com will save the electronic document in which the agreement is formalized and this one will be accessible.

Once the purchase is finished and the sooner the possible, always before 24 hours after the shopping, the Client’s Service from IrisBarcelona will send you a purchase receipt by email.

If you don’t agree with the data of the confirmation, you will be able to modify or cancel the agreement.

16. Reinbursment of the amount paid.

The reimbursment will be done through the payment method of the purchase.

IrisBarcelona.com won’t credit the amount, nor send the products if the reception hasn’t been verified and the conditions of the packing and accessories of the article of the return o change in our warehouse. The price of the credit will be the samel of the order, except the transport expenses.

Once verified the product returned is in good conditions, IrisBarcelona will reimburse the amount on a period of 15 days.

17. Applicable legislation. Jurisdiction submission.

The buying and selling made at www.IrisBarcelona.com are submitted to Spanish legislation.

Given the case that any conflict or difference in the interpretation or application of the present contractual conditions may arise, the Courts and Judges that may know about the conflict, will be the responsibles about applying the applicable laws about the proper jurisdiction, considering, concerning the final consumers, the place where the obligation or the address of the buyer. 

In case the buyer may have his address in Spain, or the buying and shopping is made by a company acting on its own professional and business framework, both are submitted, abandoning any other  jurisdiction, to the Courts of Barcelona (Spain).

The present General Conditions of Contracting are updated on date  29/10/2018.

18. Promotional campaigns conditions. Special situation COVID-19-2021

* Delivery will be made within 48-72 working hours from the end of the day of the order date. Delivery may be delayed due to the exceptional situation COVID-19 and may be affected depending on the zones and the day the order is issued (the order will be processed the day after it enters our system from Monday to Sunday, except for holidays). The deadline can also be affected the first week of January due to the inventory regulation of our warehouse. The minimum order is 15 €. From 35 €, delivery is free of charge. Special offers cannot be combined with discounts. Some packs may include free shipping as a special offer. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]. These conditions are in addition to the usual ones listed in the Conditions section of our website: https://irisbarcelona.com/aviso-legal/.

19. Conditions Club Iris

If you are a member of Club Iris, you can enjoy different benefits throughout the year under the conditions listed here. Industrias Iris, SA reserves the right to modify, limit or increase these benefits, communicating them through the website and/or any other means of communication established for users of the club such as Newsletters, through the e-mail address provided by the member, or by means of these legal bases. Regarding the information provided in the Club Iris section of our website, we refer to point 3 of these legal bases, if there is any text or error that could cause discrepancies with the members of the club.

Information regarding club benefits:

  • Discounts on all our products throughout the year. Industrias Iris, S.A. reserves the right to modify the prices and discounts on our website whenever it considers it appropriate. It also reserves the right to limit these discounts whenever it deems necessary, without any specific obligation regarding the percentage of discount available to club members. Nor any obligation of price of our products with respect to other websites or retailers that supply our products.
  • Access to extra discount coupons during campaigns. Industrias Iris, S.A. reserves the right to provide club members with access to extra discounts whenever it deems it appropriate and without limitation to the rise or fall of the same. In the same way, these extra discounts, whenever they are available, will be informed through the channels defined for club members, which are the website and/or through a newsletter sent to the email address provided by the club member.
  • Occasional gifts such as free mailings and free articles. These extra benefits will be carried out through conditions for the user and always without any obligation on the part of Indústries Iris, SA to a minimum or maximum number per year, always subject to certain campaign conditions that will be communicated through the channels established for club members, which are the website and / or a Newsletter and / or these legal bases.

Industrias Iris, S.A. will inform the members of the club through the e-mail address provided by the member of any changes that may occur in the dynamics of the club. Regarding Data Protection related to the data provided to form part of the club, Industrias Iris, S.A., complies with the above mentioned in the section: Privacy Policy. For other possible points of disagreement, we refer to the rest of the terms and conditions included in this section.

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