Tips for transporting your food

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Here are some TIPS for transporting your homemade food so that it's always TASTY, TASTY... wherever you go!

Tips for transporting your food:

1. FRIDGE: store in the fridge until it's time to eat. If there is no fridge at work, use cold accumulators. 

2. HEAT: do not heat closed. Leave the lid of the container on top to avoid splashing. Never heat with the lid closed!

3. SAUSAGES AND SALADS: do not heat. They lose their properties and texture. If you choose a salad, it is better to take the sauce, dressing or vinaigrette separately. 

4. COOKING: try to cook your food - vegetables, rice, pasta, etc. - 'al dente'. This way, it won't overcook if you reheat it in the microwave. Stews respond better to transport and reheating than 'grilled' dishes.

5. FOOD SAFETY: use containers suitable for transporting food and for reheating. Glass is gaining popularity for its benefits. 

6. HYGIENE: it is better to give water to the used container. We avoid bad smells and that the remains harden and penetrate the plastic. 

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