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Commitment towards the environment


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Now we aim to increase our commitment towards the environment and support you to do the same. It will not be easy, but we are determined to work in this direction and we are going to take the appropriate measures to be better every day.

Our contribution:

  1. Our assortment of articles are aimed at reducing disposable packages and single-use containers. Since 2013, we design and create products that help us to be more sustainable, as the essence of all of them is to REUSE. So, when you buy a sandwich holder, for instance, your action contributes to replace daily waste with a product that lasts for several years. The same applies to our glass bottles, cutlery, containers and much more — up to 400 articles in the same line.
  2. Our products help us transport, store and preserve food and home-made meals, helping reduce food waste. With our products, you can carry your leftovers to your workplace or wherever you want. In this way, you save money and resources, having a positive effect on our environment.
  3. Our new products incorporate materials with natural components such as bamboo, cotton, wood, glass, etc. We enhance our environmental engagement by using new materials as long as they prove to be more sustainable and practical for our users.
  4. We are removing most of the plastic bags from our product packaging whenever possible. For products that require plastic packaging, we are gradually replacing plastic protective bags with biodegradable ones, which are also printed with biodegradable ink.
  5. We are replacing plastic cable ties from our product labels with threads to facilitate recycling.
  6. We maintain a progressive and responsible reduction of our packaging and display materials. Our product and communication departments are always trying to find a suitable balance between the minimum material used to wrap and present our articles, and the need to send you the necessary information for the correct use of our products.

Together we can do great things!

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